Name: Uwe

Characteristics: small, bulky, not funny

I have... pangs of hunger and wait for my food

I am... curious if it's as tasty as it smells

I can... hardly wait, I'm so hungry it hurts

I can't resist... cocoa

I eat right now

My role model is/used to be... IS: bruce lee, WAS: captain future

How can I win your heart? by giving me ferrero kuesschen

The best sex I ever had... was contrary to certain rumours with a woman

How many days a week do you get up before 11 am? none

I'm the best because... should be obvious, shouldn't it?

Something you absolutely fail at? being unkind

When you're grown-up you want to be... tall

What can I give you? what would you like to give me?

The record you're most ashamed of? the record of having the ugliest bathroom tiles

What makes you happy? love-letters addressed to me

Things you love/hate about your band members? I love and hate arne for his tanned body in peak condition,
fabs hairstyle is great but he eats so little that I worry about him,
stefan is the king of lead guitar but there are too many plants in his flat... too much oxygen, too healthy

I make women nervous because... I wear higher heels than they do

Best feeling? lifting weights with my nose

Worst feeling? weights are too heavy

A place you like to be? tub after sweating at the nose-gym

What are you scared of? sitting in an internet cafe, listening to "perfekte welle" by Juli and having to... sorry... having the pleasure to answer strange questions

Do you collect anything? yes, penguins

Special thanks go to... the record company that made all this happen and to God of course!

And finally I want to say... love makes the world go round