Name: Fab

Characteristics: gold tooth

I have... not often the urge to get up early

I am... sober sometimes

I can... cook pasta very well

I can't resist... offers of free beer

I enjoy... smoking

My role model is... Jim Knopf

How can I win your heart? naked

The best sex I ever had... was on rooftops

How many days a week do you get up before 11 am? every day of course

I'm the best because... my mum used to say that

Something you absolutely fail at? menstruate

When you're grown-up you want to be... taller

What can I give you? a hat that fits on my hairstyle

The record you're most ashamed of? each and every one

What makes you happy? the laughter of a child (of course)

Things you love/hate about your band members? the first is a fag, the second is a pussy and the third one is better looking than myself

I make women nervous because... i keep on drumming something all the time

Best feeling? having had a real good dump

Worst feeling? hangover, what else

A place you like to be? bed

What are you scared of? universal peace

Do you collect anything? fame and applause

Special thanks go to... my genes

And finally I want to say... Wenn der Benz bremst, dann brennt das Benz-Bremslicht. And thinking is a matter of luck.