Name: Arne

Characteristics: tanned body in peak condition

I have... a feeling of homesickness

I am... too lazy to write

I can... do a lot sometimes

I can't resist... any kind of pasta

I enjoy... frolicing in the rain while wildly masturbating

My role model is... Florian Silbereisen

How can I win your heart? wearing a nest of rice noodles in your hair

The best sex I ever had... was by myself in the rain

How many days a week do you get up before 11 am? 8

I'm the best because... it's in my genes

Something you absolutely fail at? home shopping

When you're grown-up you want to be... rich, famous and literate

What can I give you? riches, fame and literature

The record you're most ashamed of? Stefanie Hertel "Mit einem Rucksack voller Lieder"

What makes you happy? sleep

Things you love/hate about your band members? Stefan: I admire his calmness and abstinence, I dislike his long arms,
Fab: I love and hate his hairstyle,
Uwe: I love and admire his talent, I don't like that he looks that fantastic

I make women nervous because... Uwe is my friend

Best feeling? London 1 pm, pouring rain and the hairstyle's perfect

Worst feeling? Athens 4 pm, burning sun and the hairstyle's not perfect

A place you like to be? mouldy rehearsal rooms

What are you scared of? tiny furry animals

Do you collect anything? so what?

Special thanks go to... Johanna, Almut and Uwe

And finally I want to say... Worship the almighty spaghetti-monster!!!